The Weekly Read: December 14, 2018

The Weekly Read

Welcome to the first edition of The Weekly Read!

As a consultant, I am constantly reading and learning new things to sharpen my skills. I also love to find articles that can help you in your business ventures!

Each week, I will summarize all the fantastic information I’ve posted on my Facebook page so you can read it at your leisure. Here’s the Weekly Read for December 14:

  • Is blogging dead? I don’t think so, and neither does Cydney R. from Disruptive Advertising. Her fantastic LinkedIn article explains the many benefits of writing an agency blog, including sharing your knowledge of a particular field or industry.
  • The best tips and tricks for marketing can show up in the most unlikely places; like Ariana Grande’s video for her latest single, “Thank U, Next”. Adweek highlighted four key components to the promotional campaign for this video that made it a viral success. A key takeaway is to create content that builds excitement prior to a big event and allow fans to become content creators. On that same note, the prechorus to “Thank U, Next” is content-creating gold through the use of memes.
  • The end of the year means millions of predictions for 2019. Content Marketing Institute published their 85 Predictions on Content Marketing in 2019; covering how the industry will evolve through the use of video and AI and the best practices that should be adopted over the coming year. My key takeaway: create content that is authentic, tells a great story, and connects with the right audience.
  • Engaging with your audience on Facebook doesn’t have to be challenging. Social Media Examiner discussed 13 different ways to engage with your target audience. Some of the best include providing useful information and asking your audience engaging questions.

I am happy to help you with your social media challenges. Leave a comment below, and I will get in contact with you!